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SuperModel & CEO

Time in voluntary captivity at Visual Sports: Since 2014

Age: too young to be SO fat!

Height: Tripping

Weight:'s not ALL fur, that's for sure!

Position: Least convenient for everyone

Likes: Food, Sleeping on moms lap, Drinking out of the sink/Sitting in sink, Food, Playing in puddles, Attention, Ham, Chasing the mysterious red dot, Rolling in grass

Dislikes: My diet (Curse you Dr. Vet!), Being moved from my sleeping spot, Baths, When people don't pet me, Neighbor dog, Weekends

Larry & Toni Bailer

Our Founders

Time at Visual Sports: "Since the olden days of FILM"

Age: "Like a fine wine..."

Height: "Where's the down arrow?"

Weight: "Where's the up arrow?"

Likes: "Each other, golf"

Dislikes: "One of the above"

Russell Lake

Hill Giant Illusionist: (Marketing & Client Manager)

Time at Visual Sports: Since 2003

Age: "Older than I look"

Height: "I tell people I am 6'-2"...but I'm not."

Weight: "More than you can probably bench press"

Likes: "Concerts, movies, exercise, sports, motorcycles"

Dislikes: "Dungeons & Dragons"

TeeJay Bailer

Gnome Bard: (Customer Service / Production Designer / Photographer)

Time at VSN: "Technically since birth... but it has been 12+ years since I've stopped counting"

Age: "Around 30 (give or take)"

Height: "Average...for a ten year old"

Weight: "Less than what you can probably bench press"

Likes: "Cats, tea, movies, roller skating, reading"

Dislikes: "Hot weather, exercise, carpet, anything stored above 5ft., and adventures...nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things!"

Martin Gambitta

Rogue: (Lead Photographer & Printshop)

Time at Visual Sports: More than enough

Age: Barely and adult

Height: Awesome ft. Rad in.

Weight: 100 n some pounds of awesome

Likes: Dogs, tea, video games, guitar, Dungeons & Dragons

Dislikes: Not a whole lot

Larry Bailer

Ogre Magi: (Production)

Time at Visual Sports: "Part time: early 90's / Full time: 2001"

Age: "Got my AARP application in the mail in 2017... 'nuff said."

Height: "Used to be 6'-1"... before I got my AARP application in the mail in 2017."

Weight: "My grandmother used to say that it is a good thing that I am so tall..."

Likes: "Good food (Firm believer in the 'No Carb Left Behind' approach), my family, tea, stealing gold"

Dislikes: "Hot weather, school buses"

Nicolle Bailer-Good

Damsel Always in Distress: (Lead Photographer)

Time at Visual Sports: Since 1997

Age: "Middle-age according to Russell's %#@!! scale"

Height: A skosh taller than TeeJay

Weight: "I dare you to ask me to my face"

Likes: Sending my kids to TeeJay's to play Dungeons & Dragons

Dislikes: "Uncooperative Mother Nature" and "Not enough space to list all of my dislikes"

Known for: Ear-piercing whistles just to be heard over the hordes of, I mean, adorable children

John Mizer

Utility Infielder: (Lead Photographer)

Time at Visual Sports (as of 2017): 171+ months (and growing like a weed)

Age: 49 (with the body of a 61 year old)

Height: Tall enough to dunk a Nerf basketball

Weight: 0 in outer space

Likes: Baskets of puppies & Death Metal

Dislikes: Walks on the beach & people who flick cigarette butts out of their cars

Tina Tallion


Wendy Pettry

Office Manager

Mallory Day

Khajit Bard: (Photographer/Data/Office)

Time at VSN:: Uncertain. "It's so confusing - everyone is either firing me or asking me to get them coffee. Wait, do I even work here??"

Age:: "Elder Millennial"

Height:: "Tall enough to ride everything at Cedar Point"

Weigh:: "Please don't tell me that I need to eat more cheeseburgers"

Likes:: "Knitting stupid (awesome!) hats for my cats, playing Skyrim, and eating cereal before bed"

Dislikes:: "Rude people... and that's about it"