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At Visual Sports, shipping is pretty straight forward:

- 99%... By default, most of our customers' photos are returned to their school or league in order to keep your costs down and fund raising dollars to the league up, so... not shipped. (However, you can choose to have your order shipped directly to your home anyway for a flat $5 surcharge. Just choose the "Optional shipping" here on the website or at the bottom of your paper order form on site when placing your order. You can also opt to pick up your order directly from us at OUR office if you prefer, with no additional surcharge).

- 1%... For the rest of our customers, your league has made arrangements to have photos mailed directly to your home, via UPS or the US Postal Service at our discretion. Shipping charges are already built in to the cost of your order, either in the product prices themselves or through the fundraising your league earns on picture day.

- Corrections, Retakes, & Re-Orders... If you've read through our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee," then you know how this works: if we made a mistake, we'll ship your corrected photos to you at no cost to you. If we are fixing something else, then you have the option to pick up your photos at our office or have them shipped to your house via UPS or USPS for a flat rate of $5.00. And if you are reordering additional photos, well first of all thank you for that! The same applies here: you can pick them up or we can ship them for a flat $5.00 shipping charge via UPS or USPS at our discretion.

- ONLINE PRE-ORDERS: If you are placing an order here on our website prior to picture day, you will be asked during the checkout process if you'd like to pick up your photos at our office or have them shipped directly to you for a flat rate of $5.00. If you choose not to have them shipped, we will send them back with the rest of the group or league as usual ONLY if the rest of the leagues' photos have not already left our office. Generally, pictures take about a week to leave our office from the time they were taken. If you are unsure if you need to pay for shipping or not, contact our office.

- Express processing/shipping... Unusual, but not out of the question. Contact us if you need something fast and we can discuss options.