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Visual Sports Photography is your one-stop solution for whatever you need to make your picture day a success... but we can do SO much more!  Here's a list of just some of our services that we offer:

Photos, photos and MORE Photos!:  Yes, you probably know us because we've been taking your son/daughter's soccer photos or swim photos or lacrosse photos or fencing photos or bowling photos or beauty pageant photos or... you get the picture ;-)  But did you know that we also do school photos, too? Or that we will take your senior photos on location?  Or that we do Easter Bunny, Santa, Great Pumpkin photos?  Heck, we've even been known to take photos for dog shows, print trading cards of police dogs, photos of TIGERS, for crying out loud!  Yes, sports photos have definitely been our thing... but not our ONLY thing!  Let us know what YOU have going on that we might be able to do for you! (DISCLAIMER: we do not do weddings... Are you nuts?  Bridezilla?  Groomzilla?  Mother-of-Bridezilla?? *shudder*  Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere!)

- 2-Week turnaround time: Whatever the size of your group, we strive to get your photos processed and returned to your league in two weeks or less from the date that your pictures were taken - and in most cases we actually do just that!  (...but, alas, what your league does with them after that is beyond our control.  We suggest checking your athletic director's office... or your coach's trunk ;-)

- Top-tier fundraising:  If ANYONE is offering you something that sounds like a great deal, call us for our "Apples to Apples" check - chances are that you're NOT getting the whole picture (yes, pun intended), and in most cases we can beat it! We can tailor your prices for maximum return to support YOUR league, instead of your other photographer!

Scheduling: Nothing can KILL your event and generate more negative feedback from angry parents than having your picture day full of either disorganization and chaos or a picture day that is simply run toooo slowwwwly, with lots of unnecessary standing around.  Let US do what we do best to organize and staff your event right, so the kids won't be the only ones smiling!

Enhancements: Want some retouching done to your photos?  Rather have your prints in black-and-white instead of color?  Want your photos laminated for extra durability?  Options and rates available before you finalize your purchase!

PrintShop Services: Need something printed? Laminated? Need a novel gift for a coach, grandparent, friend, or anyone at all?  Need something that you've seen elsewhere and can't find someone that can make it for you?  CALL US!  What's the worst that can happen?  If we don't already print it, we'll do our best to MAKE it happen!  Everything from simple copy services to custom banners, posters, car decals, yard signs, brochures, programs... whatever!  These printers are here anyway, so let's USE them for something FUN!  Call us to discuss what we can do for you!

Unique gifts and decorating opportunities: Need something different to hand out to your new interns at the office Christmas party this year, or something to put on top of the boss's National Bosses Day cake, or a keepsake for your grad to take to college with her so she won't miss the family dog/cat/whatever quite so much?  How about one of our Wacky Wobbleheads of your friends, co-workers, or even pets!  Want something unique for a 50th birthday celebration instead of 50 plastic pink flamingos stuck in the front yard?  Let us print 50 giant faces of that special someone that you can put around the yard or even in the house, stuck on the walls! Looking for custom wall stickers for a party theme that you just can't seem to find elsewhere? Guess what - you just found them.  If it's legal for us to print it, we'll print it!

- Archives & reorders: Flooded basement ruined your child's pictures from the last several years?  Wish you would have ordered one of those adorable sport magazine covers that your neighbor got for her little all-star?  Mother-in-law wondering where her photo button is... the one that you got for your mom but didn't order for her?  No problem!  We have literally a bazillion photos archived (no, that's not an exaggeration...), so if we took a photo, chances are that we can find it and print you some more!

Local pride and support: Don't be fooled by others that claim to be a "local" business and then send your photos and other products away to be processed for you.  Your money stays here, your taxes stay here, your business stays here - and supports you and your own.  We are 100% locally owned and operated: our office is in Brunswick, our entire staff lives in the Cleveland and surrounding area, and ALL of our products are printed in-house by US using state-of-the-art equipment and professional quality materials. (No, smarty pants, we are not weaving our own home-grown cotton/polyester t-shirts or making our own homemade photo paper... now you're just being silly!  You know what we meant...)