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So... your son's name is "AIDEN" but it says "JENNIFER" on your Memory Mate? Your daughter's cheerleading photo is actually of a rather large and bearded football player? Your 4-year-old doesn't actually weigh 834 pounds like it says on your trading cards?

Oops - sorry about that! Mistakes happen - you know it, we know it. And though we do our very best, sometimes our best just isn't good enough, and things get through the cracks anyway, so we appreciate your understanding and your patience while we fix this quickly.

So here's our policy: You bought it from us and it's not right? We hope that you will contact us directly (rather than going through your coach or league) and give us an opportunity to make it right:

OUR MISTAKE: If it is something that we did and can try to correct in-house, we'll do that and ship the corrected item(s) right to your door as quickly as possible (at no charge to you, of course! It was our mistake after all). *NOTE: Certain products might need to be returned in some cases prior to sending out corrected items, but you will be reimbursed for your postage.

YOUR MISTAKE: Did you write your name in where it asked for the player's name? Did you forget to add stats for the trading cards that you ordered? Don't worry - it happens far more often than you might think! We can certainly reprint whatever was wrong for a $5 fee (plus shipping if you choose not to pick them up at our office). *NOTE: Some products might need to be returned (at your expense) in some cases prior to sending out corrected items.

RETAKES & MAKE-UPS: Did you happen to miss picture day or did your child turn in her order form without getting in line for a picture? Didn't know that your son dripped grape Popsicle on his shirt after you dropped him off at the ball field? Let us know! We will work with you to find another photo shoot location nearby where you can bring your child for a retake (shipped to your door at our expense if we messed up, and pick-up and shipping options are available if we did not). DIGITAL INSERTS: Coach or player going to miss picture day altogether, but really wants to be in the team photo? For a $35 fee we can try to get your photo taken at another location and Photoshop him/her into the team photo. Contact us (in advance, if possible) for times and locations, and we'll give you the options and the

rest of the necessary information you'll need for your make-up picture day.

99.9% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE REFUNDS*: Did we miss your child's good smile, were his teeth blue from that Popsicle, or are you simply not happy with your photos and are unable to make it to a retake location? Send it back!* You are always entitled to a refund if you're not satisfied... and of course we will refund your return postage, too! No questions asked! (...well, except for who you'd like the check made out to)

*except for emailed digital photos... refunds for that gets tricky, since those can't be returned. So we'll try to find some other way to make it right, but now at least you know where that other .01% went in our guarantee :-)