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Our Story

       Once upon a time, what now seems like a long, LONG time ago, there was a man that liked to build castles.  He liked to oversee other people who built castles.  And many castles got built.  He was a little like Santa, but just a little, since he wasn't fat, and, you know, there was the whole castles-instead-of-toys thing.  And, really, there was just the building thing and that's about all that was like Santa.  But I digress, and for the most part the man was happy...


         Until one day when the man decided that though he still enjoyed building castles, he did not enjoy overseeing other people who built castles.  This was due partly because, you know, castles are big, and stones are expensive, and the people who built the castles were getting very hard to take care of.  But mostly he was unhappy because of the terrible ogres and trolls that crawled up to where the castles were being built and demanded expensive and magical gifts from the man in order to allow him to continue building unhindered.  This made the man very unhappy.  So he did what any sane man who built castles for a living would do: He bought a photography business from some other guy.

         That was back in the age of legends: 1985.  Since then, though he still liked to build all sorts of things, the man and his wife gathered around them all of the unsuspecting but loyal minions they could find and have since then built what has become Visual Sports Photography today.  Nestled in the thriving metropolis known as Brunswick, Ohio, these minions are responsible for all of the photographs and related products that 40,000+ of you have come to know and trust year after year, while the man and his wife drop in from time to time to dispense sage advice and cheer - again, a little bit like Santa.

...but just a little.